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Creating the Perfect Snow

Creating the Perfect Snow 0

Snow is that sweet treat you get in a bowl, pile toppings next to it and share most of it with your friend.

What is Snow Exactly?

Snow is thinly shaved flavored ice that is the happy marriage of Hawaiian ice and ice cream. Our snow is made with fresh ingredients to give you the perfect taste that refreshes you every time.

To get the perfect Snow you must do the following:

  1. Shave the ice just right by getting thin strips using the Ice Shaver, need to know specifics? Check out our video:
  2. Carefully add your favorite toppings right along the side


Never put the toppings on top, your Snow will melt faster if they are piled on

     3. Share (or don’t) with your friends!

What better way to stay cool in the warm afternoon?


Strawberry Ice from our friends at Ice Husky Inc

Jelly Toppings for Bubble Tea and Snow Ice Explained 0

What is jelly?

Contrary to popular belief these are not made out of gelatin.  They are actually made from coconut meat, or konjar, a vegetable by product. They have been around for a long time within many Asian desserts and snacks. Recently they have been used as an alternative to tapioca for bubble tea.  


Taiwanese Shaved Snow Ice 0

 What is Taiwanese Shaved Snow Ice? And why is it so delicious?

Taiwanese Shaved Snow Ice, also known as snow cream, milk cream, snow fluff and shaved snow ice, has recently become a huge hit in Los Angeles with places like Blockheads, Class 302, and Kuma Snow. Before it became popular in Los Angeles it was popular in Hawai'i, but even before that, it originated sometime in the 1990s from a nightmarket stand in Taipei, Taiwan. Its original name in Chinese, xue hua bing, translates to "snowflake ice" due to its super fine crystal consistency. What makes snow ice so popular however, is its ability to balance the iciness with a creamy, almost gelato-like taste. The creator of Kuma Snow, Tira, said "it’s like eating snow and tasting ice cream".