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Creating the Perfect Snow

Creating the Perfect Snow 0

Snow is that sweet treat you get in a bowl, pile toppings next to it and share most of it with your friend.

What is Snow Exactly?

Snow is thinly shaved flavored ice that is the happy marriage of Hawaiian ice and ice cream. Our snow is made with fresh ingredients to give you the perfect taste that refreshes you every time.

To get the perfect Snow you must do the following:

  1. Shave the ice just right by getting thin strips using the Ice Shaver, need to know specifics? Check out our video:
  2. Carefully add your favorite toppings right along the side


Never put the toppings on top, your Snow will melt faster if they are piled on

     3. Share (or don’t) with your friends!

What better way to stay cool in the warm afternoon?


Strawberry Ice from our friends at Ice Husky Inc

What You Need to Start Your Own Snow Ice Business 0

Snow ice is a specialty dessert from Taiwan recently brought over to the States. One of the hottest new desserts in LA, Ice Husky is one of the first to bring this product to the Bay Area! Our ingredients are all natural, made with ingredients you can buy off a grocery store shelf.

Why Get Into The Snow Ice Business? 

  • Low Cost - Less than $1 per serving in costs. 
  • Low Startup Costs - With just one shaver and some ice blocks, you can start a business.
  • Room to Grow - Some owners opened multiple stores selling snow ice.
  • Hot Demand - Some stores have over 1,000 Yelp review in their first year.
  • High Returns - 400% - 700% mark up. Market price at $4 - $8.



Cost Analysis

Snow Ice

Servings per block: 12 - 20
Cost per serving: $0.50 at 20 servings at 4oz serving size


Popping Boba - $12.85 per tub
Flavored Coconut Jelly - $12 - $15.85
Mini Mochis - 24 bags/case $48.95 per case


Food Containers - 16oz - 32oz range from $54.95 - $62.95
Spoons - $21.95 for a case of 1,000
Ice Block Mould - $17.95
Snow Ice Shaver - $1395 
Storage Freezer - $8,300 (non-nsf) - $11,950 (nsf)
Snow Ice Blocks - $15/block (local customers)

Pure Snow Ice Powder - $59.95 (non-local customers)