Oriental Beauty Tea

Product Description

Also known as Dongfang Meiren (“Eastern Beauty”), Bai Hao Oolong (“White Tip Oolong”) and Pengfeng Cha (“Braggart’s Tea”), Oriental Beauty is a unique and famous tea. Traditionally, it is grown in Hsinchu County, in the north of Taiwan. Here, the mountains give way to rolling hills, and the mild climate is ideal for growing tea. It’s probable that immigrants from the Chinese mainland started planting tea bushes here in the Ming Dynasty, and possible that these first bushes included the variety that would become Oriental Beauty.

Use this premium black tea to brew delicious and authentic Milk Boba Tea. Very high quality tea leaves.

Net Weight Per Unit: 1.1 lb.  
Units per Case: 30 bags
Gross Weight Per Case: 33 lb.

$ 65.95

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