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Chè Class


What is Chè?

Chè is a general term for sweet Vietnamese Desserts that can be hot or cold (but delicious either way!). There are so many ways to prepare Chè. It is known for its simplicity but great taste. Take the image to the left for example, one of which is Che Ba Mau: coconut milk plus delicious toppings that makes each drink unique. Ingredients that go in the Chè can include Pandan Jelly, Red Tapioca, Mung Bean, Grass Jelly, Red Beans, and Basil Seeds. Other options can include fresh fruit like coconut, jackfruit and durian. All of these combinations make for countless varieties that will be sure to satisfy your customers.

Popular stores like Bambū have made Chè recently very popular amongst many different communities, and for good reason! Chè offers a variety of options and is a quick and easy to make dessert. If you want to learn how to make Chè yourself from a Chè master, check out our class options below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chè Class?

Chè Class is the ultimate business support class that you can take. We teach you everything from making and preparing your products to selling it with proper branding and operation set up. We teach our customer the product knowledge: how to use the products to make amazing Chè, Bubble Tea, Smoothies, and Toppings from scratch. You will leave the class very well informed.

Who is teaching the class?

An Nguyen is an expert Chè maker and founder of one of the largest licensed Chè stores in the nation. She has over 10 years of Chè making experience and has extensive knowledge from Chè production to selling. Taking class with this Chè master will be sure to leave you enlightened.

How is the class structured?

This class is hands on with personalized attention from An, our Chè expert. You will get to work face-to-face and make the products alongside our professional so you will know how to do it. It is very focused and you will learn tips and tricks to make your business better.

What if I only want to learn one or a few things?

We offer only 1 type of package that includes all the classes listed. If you have a special request, call our office at 510.888.1566 to talk to a representative and see what we can do for you.

How do you get started?

Give us a call at 510.888.1566 to find out how you can get started, or fill out the contact form below and get a call from a representative. Also, please note if you have a language preference and we will do our best to meet your needs.
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