Pina Colada with Heart Jelly Recipe

Pina Colada with Heart Jelly Recipe 0

Piña Coladas are the perfect drink for the summer! Learn how to make our version here:

Servings: 4



1. Put ingredients above in blender.
2. Top with scoop of Blueberry Heart Jellies
  • Elsa Lu
Mango Snow with Strawberry Hearts

Mango Snow with Strawberry Hearts 0

In addition to putting them in drinks, we love our heart jellies on snow ice! We paired up with our friends at Ice Husky Snow Ice to put together this perfect simple summer treat! 

1. Shave Mango Snow with Snow Shaver. For tips on how to shave snow, watch our video found here.

2. Top with Strawberry Hearts, condensed milk and real mango and strawberry slices. 

That's it! simple, adorable and delicious.

  • Elsa Lu
Bubble Tea: The Taiwanese drink hitting America by storm

Bubble Tea: The Taiwanese drink hitting America by storm 0

By Sally Collins

Enjoy the Refreshing Cool Taste of Bubble Tea

Could bubble tea soon take over from coffee as America's favorite drink? The popularity of bubble tea has rapidly spread across the country, with now more than 100 locations serving it in California alone. Bubble tea is one of Asia’s most popular exports that has really taken the world by storm. You might not immediately think that a drink with unusual floating balls would be so appealing, but bubble tea offers a delicious and refreshing drink. Whatever the time of day it is and even whatever the weather, it’s always the right time to enjoy some bubble tea!

Perfect summer drink

Bubble tea is usually served with milk and sometimes fruit flavors, with a layer of jelly-like bubbles - tapioca balls - that sit at the bottom of the drink. Consumed through an extra thick straw, you'll enjoy a mouthful of tea and chewiness, a drink and snack in one! It’s a playful drink that can be a pick-me-up smoothie or a caffeine fix drink. It’s a great alternative to highly caffeinated iced coffee or heavy ice cream. Bubble Tea is a treat that leaves customers satisfied and refreshed, but not weighed down with richness. And as it’s made with refreshing ice, it’s perfect on a hot summer day, especially as temperatures in California have been known to reach 134 degrees.

Getting the most out of your bubble tea

If it is your first time trying a cup of bubble tea, then avoid any temptation to drink it quickly. Take it slowly, so you can appreciate all the textures and flavors and don’t just end up with a cup of bubbles at the end. It’s best to start off by taking a sip with a few bubbles. It might not taste like anything you’ve had before, but after a few mouthfuls, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. There are a variety to choose from: classic tapioca, agar tapioca, mango agar tapioca, popping boba. If you feel a bit daunted by the choice, then go with the classic. You can always be more daring another time. 

A household name

Already enjoying a massive following around the world and huge followings on the West Coast, bubble tea has the makings of becoming a household name very soon. With over 800 bubble tea shops across the U.S., and more specialist bars popping up all the time, it won't be long before everyone has become hooked on bubble tea. 

  • Elsa Lu
How to Make Your Bubble Tea Fun & Healthy!

How to Make Your Bubble Tea Fun & Healthy! 0

By Sally Collins

Drinking tea is a pastime lots of people enjoy and with so many options as to how you can take your tea, there’s something for everyone. If you’re a tea lover, but feel like trying something different, then why not try Bubble Tea? It’s not just for the teenagers who have helped support the growth of bubble tea shops around the country. The customer’s ability to personalize their bubble tea, means you can create the perfect drink for you! One that tastes great and also contains all the health benefits associated with black tea – provided you opt for the right sweeteners and milk.

Create Good Flavor with Healthier Options

Tea has real benefits and drinking it is a great way to develop better health habits. But, when bubble tea – which gets its name from the bubbles created when it’s shaken to mix the ingredients – came along, there were concerns over the calories that could be created in the drink.

Now though, there is a better understanding of how to flavor your bubble tea in a way that keeps the great taste and element of fun, without consuming too much sugar and too many calories.

Instead of using non-dairy creamers, you can use real, fresh milk as part of the base for your boba, or bubble tea. It’s recommended to switch to a milk that’s lower in calories and higher in protein. As well as lower fat versions of cow’s milk, almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk are three options that can give you additional health benefits from the natural make-up each type has to offer.

With regards to your choice of sweetener, use a little less than you have previously and gradually cut the amount down further. Or, instead of white sugar, opting for unrefined honey could save some calories because you’ll need less honey to get a sweeter taste.

And, while the syrup gives bubble tea its flavor, you can ask for a little less, as it can be quite sweet. Alternatively, you can have some fresh fruit blended and added to your boba.

Create the Perfect, Healthy Boba

By thinking a little more carefully about all the additions to your bubble tea and making a few adjustments, you can take steps to developing healthier habits.

  • Watch the milk.
  • Go low on the sweetener.
  • Reduce the syrup in favour of some blended fresh fruit.
  • Make sure your supplier uses the best quality black tea.

 By combining these elements into creating your bubble tea, we know you’ll enjoy a refreshing drink and reap some health benefits – no matter what our age!

  • Elsa Lu
Tea - One Versatile Tree

Tea - One Versatile Tree 0

All tea is made from the same plant. Yes, you’ve heard it right. How amazing is it that a single type of plant can produce such wide variations of taste and aroma? That plant is called Camellia Sinensis. The final product depends on many combinations of factors such as geography, environment, and different sets of oxidation processing methods. 

Let’s begin by classifying the different types of tea and what give them their distinct flavor. There are 4 main types of tea: White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea and Oolong.

  • White tea is usually made from young leaves and new buds. They go through the most minimal oxidation process. The leaves are let slightly withered in the optimal condition of 30 C degree with about 65% humidity in approximately 26 hours and then they are baked dry. The leaves are usually processed within 1-3 days of harvesting depending on the temperature and environment. In most cases, the leaves are shielded from the sunlight to avoid the unnecessary chemical reactions. However, in Chinese traditional methods, they are let dry completely in natural sunlight. White teas are usually expensive because the process requires a lot of dedications to keep the leaves undamaged. Different combinations during the process will result in different unique flavors.
  • Green tea often undergoes the least amount of oxidation. Tea leaves are heated quickly after picking either by steaming or roasting in a hot pan. Leaves are dried separately or rolled into little balls. The process is time consuming and it’s typically done with high quality leaves. The leaves are processed within 1 or 2 days of harvesting. When done correctly, most natural chemical composition of the fresh leaves would be reserved. Variations in steaming or roasting process can produce different tastes.
  • Black tea is the final product when the leaves are completely oxidized. The leaves are first withered to reduce most of their water body which is approximately 68-66%. Then they will go through the industry processes which are called “disruption” and “leaf maceration” in order to break down the leaf cell structure. Juice and enzymes released during these processes would help oxidize the leaves to create the aroma and flavor. It could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours in high humidity at 20-30 C.
  • Oolong tea is a term specifically used for certain semi-processed teas, which gives it a taste in between green and black tea. The leaves are withered for 2-3 days before drying. The oxidation process can be as short as several hours. Variations in processing time are intended for specific tastes. 

Remarkably enough, these differences in process are what give each of these groups of tea their distinct personalities! All are great steeped alone or as bubble teas, but White and Green Teas are particularly good as refreshing light iced teas, while Black and Oolong shine while being complimented by some creamer.

You are welcome to check out our hand-selected premium tea collection and let us know your thoughts.
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Why do you need the Freser Batch Brewer Machine?

Why do you need the Freser Batch Brewer Machine? 0

It may sound simple to make some tea, but things get more complicated when you want to scale up from cup to twenty! The key to a good cup of tea is the water to tea leaf ratio, temperature and steeping time.

Each type of tea goes through different process after being harvested, therefore their requirements differ as well. If the water is too hot, it will burn the tea. On the other hand, when it’s too cold, it's hard for the tea to release its aroma and the taste is ruined.

White and green tea leaves are more delicate; the ideal temperature for them is from 170 ~ 185 Fahrenheit degree, and steeps in about 2-5 minutes. Oolong tea is best at 195 F degree and steeps in 3 minutes. Black tea requires higher temperature between 195 – 205 Fahrenheit degree and steeps in 3 minutes for a full brew. Tea and water ratio varies depending on the intention.

In Asian tea culture, it is normal to re-steep tea leaves multiple times. People usually put a handful of tea leaves in a pot and fill up with hot water. They would refill the water into the same tea pot and drink it throughout the day.

The Freser Batch Brewer Machine is designed to steep teas to their ideal flavor but at a larger scale. You can control the water volume, temperature, steeping cycles and steeping time in each cycle and have the presets assigned to each of the 10 keys available on the machine. Tea will not come out until it reaches the required temperature and steeping time that you have set up to make sure it is up to the consistency and quality you desire.


  • Setting Protection: Your settings can be protected using a password.
  • Easy Setting Sharing between Machines: You can pop in an SD card on the back of the machine and have the presets copied to duplicate the settings on different units.
  • Product Flexibility: You can brew whole tea leaves, ground tea or even tea bags.
  • Easy Cleaning: The stainless steel exterior makes it easy to clean up and the self-cleaning mode makes sure the machine is always ready to brew the next batch.

Below is a video tutorial showing you how to use the Freser Batch Brewer Machine.

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