Build Your Own Bubble Tea

Build Your Own Bubble Tea 0

Every tea shop has their own way of making house milk tea. This is a standard recipe for you to play around with and find your perfect recipe to fit the preference of your customers!


Yield: 1 serving, 16 oz cup
Tea 1 powder spoon, about ¾ oz
Sweetener, 1.5 oz (less or more base on preference) 
Creamer 2 powder spoon, about 1.5 oz
Ice, 2 cups
  1. Prepare tea using tea/espresso machine, ¾ oz ground tea leaves 
  2. Add sweetener and creamer into the pre-made tea base
  3. Stir well, and then add about 2 cups of ice and shake well
  4. Prepare desired topping inside of a cup first, pour over pre-made milk tea on top of your toppings
  1. Stir well after adding powder creamer into tea base for better melting result
  2. To maintain aroma of the tea, 10-15 shakes is enough for one drink
  3. Tea espresso machine is only for grounded tea leaves
Black Tea - loose / grounded
 - 1g tea leaves : 30-35 ml 90-100 Celsius hot water
 - 10-12 minutes brewing time 
Green tea - loose / grounded
 - 1g tea leaves : 40-45 ml 80-85 Celsius hot water
 - 6-8 minutes brewing time


  • Artur Bobinski
The Classic: Egg Pudding

The Classic: Egg Pudding 0

A rich and creamy pudding dessert with the texture of the smoothest and softest flan. This egg pudding is enjoyed widely in drinks such as milk tea and many other desserts. While enjoying as a topping in a drink, a fat bubble tea straw is recommended.
  • Artur Bobinski
Easy Made Drinks Guide

Easy Made Drinks Guide 0

Spring is almost here! Are you ready for some unique drinks? Besides boba and jelly, today’s recipe also included red bean paste as one of the toppings. These 3 ideas with easy follow instructions will satisfy your appetite.
  • Artur Bobinski
Do You Know Your Matcha Well?

Do You Know Your Matcha Well? 0

Tea leaves for making matcha are specifically grown in the shade seasonally, and the flavor is much more intense and varies greatly from typical green tea. Although matcha is a type of green tea, its caffeine content is a bit higher than regular green tea due to different growing and grinding methods. Compared with coffee, the caffeine content in matcha is lower on average - roughly 25-75mg of caffeine in an 8oz serving of matcha.
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What to Pair With Your Cheese Milk Foam

What to Pair With Your Cheese Milk Foam 0

There are so many ways to make your own delicious milk foam, but to come up with a good recipe is absolutely a long term process. At Fanale, we provide a much easier way for your business - Creamer Powder. 
Holiday Drinks Guide

Holiday Drinks Guide 0

The holidays are here, are you ready to celebrate with some delicious drinks? Whether tea or coffee, hot or cold, you can almost find everything to fulfill your holiday recipe at Fanale Drinks. Moreover, ideas included! Simple and made fast!
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