Build Your Own Bubble Tea

Build Your Own Bubble Tea 0

Every tea shop has their own way to make their house milk tea. This tutorial provides a standard recipe that is easy to follow - play around to fit the preference of your customers!
  • Artur Bobinski
The Classic: Egg Pudding

The Classic: Egg Pudding 0

A rich and creamy pudding dessert with the texture of the smoothest and softest flan. This egg pudding is enjoyed widely in drinks such as milk tea and many other desserts. While enjoying as a topping in a drink, a fat bubble tea straw is recommended. 
  • Artur Bobinski
Easy Made Tea Milk Foam

Easy Made Tea Milk Foam 0

Cafes in Taiwan have been serving Sea Salt drinks for a long time, and it’s been wildly popular. The drinks typically include coffee, milk tea, as well as fruit tea topped with a thick layer of salted, creamy milk foam. The result is a bright balance of flavor, and matches perfectly with cold and hot beverages. There are so many ways to make your own delicious milk foam for your drinks, but to come up with a good recipe is absolutely a long term process. At Fanale, we provide a much easier way for your business - Creamer Powder.

  • Artur Bobinski
Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate 0

The holidays are here, are you ready to celebrate with some delicious drinks? Whether tea or coffee, hot or cold, you can almost find everything to fulfill your holiday recipe at Fanale Drinks. Moreover, ideas included! Simple and made fast!
  • Artur Bobinski
Sweet Taro Milk Tea

Sweet Taro Milk Tea 0

Taro, a terrific source of carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium, iron, and Vitamins! Fanale’s canned taro is cooked with honey to bring out its natural sweetness. Also, its light creamy flavor is the magic power that makes your drinks rich in taste and texture. Have you ever wondered what to pair with such delightful ingredients in your drinks? There you go an amazing recipe!
Fourth of July Drink Recipe - Strawberries & Crema

Fourth of July Drink Recipe - Strawberries & Crema 0

Fourth of July is coming up fast, and we're ready to celebrate with some delicious summer drink ideas! Here's our summery berries and cream drink! 




Strawberry Fizz Base:



1. Put Crema Ingredients into Crema blender. 
2. In a large pitcher pour in ice, sparkling water and Strawberry Syrup to taste. Mix Well.
3. Pour Strawberry Fizz into Tall glasses, top with Crema and Blueberry Hearts. 
  • Elsa Lu