How to use our Wholesale website:

1. Contact Us
If you are a new customer, please call us at 510-888-1566 or email to service@fanaledrinks.com to check your eligibility. Wholesale pricing is applicable for orders over $3000 or 2000 pounds.

2. Nowcommerce Invitation
Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you would receive an invitation email with a temporary password for you to create an account on Nowcommerce, our wholesale website.

3. Create new Password
When you receive the invitation email, follow the link and enter your temporary password. Then you will be asked to create a new password. This will be the password to your account for you to access our wholesale listings and keep track of your orders.

4. Shop!
Your account has been set up successfully and you are ready to make a purchase from our wholesale website. Enter the site here or click the banner above!



1. What accounts for the price difference between retail and wholesale?
Regular retail orders are shipped by individual shipping boxes. Wholesale orders are shipped by large pallet by a third party trucking company and the order is dropped off using a lift gate. This shipping method offers better shipping rates for wholesale orders. 
2. Who qualifies for wholesale pricing?
Business owners that place orders by the pallet will qualify to get wholesale pricing. Each pallet order is approximately 2000 pounds or a $3000+ order. 
3. Do I need sign up for a Nowcommerce account to make wholesale purchases?
As of now, yes. Please follow the instructions above for how to register an account. 
4. Do wholesale products have the same high-quality as retail products?
Yes, we are committed to providing the most high-quality Fanale Drinks products to all our clients.
5. What are the discounts?
Our wholesale pricing list is accessible through Nowcommerce. Discounted prices are reflected on the product listing and shipping. Wholesale pricing is reflected in wholesale orders.
6. Is there a minimum?
Yes, minimum order is 2000 pounds in weight or 3000$ to qualify for wholesale pricing.
This is not applicable for custom-printed products. For customized product pricing or any other questions, please contact our office at 510-888-1566