5 Reasons to Love Popping Boba


Popping Boba is an extremely popular topping amongst bubble tea connoisseurs. Smaller than the regular tapioca boba, each popping boba is filled with a delightful fruit juice that bursts in your mouth with flavor. Fanale Popping Boba contains approximately 12-14% real fruit juice. The coating of these popping boba is made of seaweed extract which is a jelly like texture. Approximately calories per serving of popping boba is about 30 k Cal.

1) Variety of Flavors

The more the better. Fanale has a variety of 12 flavors of Popping Boba to keep you coming back: Strawberry, Mango, Lychee, Kiwi, Green Apple, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Peach, Yogurt, Passion Fruit, Orange, and Cherry. 

2) Low Calories 

Each serving of bursting boba contains only about 30 calories.

3) Many ways to Enjoy

There are countless way to enjoy popping boba. A few way we like to have fun with popping juice balls is freezing the boba for an icy texture and simply letting the balls burst in your mouth with an explosion of flavor. Popping Boba make a great addition to desserts and drinks such as frozen yogurt, ice cream, taiwanese snow ice, shaved ice, cocktails and even salads! The sky is the limit when it comes to popping boba.

4) No Preparation Necessary

Bursting Boba is made to be ready to eat. The product does not require much preparation before being served. Just remember to seal and refrigerate it once you open the tub.

5) Unique and Colorful 

The popping boba is a rare breed. These unique little juice balls are clear with a gummy texture. The gummy texture is made from a seaweed extract. Each little ball has a bright color that will bring life to your desserts and drinks. 


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