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Bamboo Fiber Straw

Bamboo Fiber Straw

As of July 2nd,2019, plastic straws have been banned in San Francisco. Fanale Drinks has a solution for you, bamboo fiber straws! Are you ready to join the eco-friendly family? Fanale Drinks proudly offers two sizes for these eco-friendly bamboo straws, 12mm x 230mm for boba tea and 6mm x 230mm for regular beverages. The bamboo straws can hold over 24 hours in drinks without turning soggy, not to mention their heat resistance is between -20°C to 100°C.

Bamboo is chosen as the main material for straws because of its sustainability. Bamboo can reach maturity in only 3 years, and collecting them helps the bamboo ecology. 11 thousand bamboo trees can produce up to 600 million straws. The manufacturing techniques, grinding the plant into powder and processing them into natural fiber, neither produce any water pollution nor require high carbon emission.  Not to mention the bamboo straws are completely chemical free, compostable and biodegradable. The straws start to break down in 45 days and are completely decomposed by micro-organisms in the environment in only 90 days. 

Let’s take this first step together in building a better tomorrow and help achieve a sustainable planet by reducing plastic and water pollution today!

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  • Artur Bobinski
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  • Jp

    Hello, could you give me the wholesale price for these please? I come from Verdantli, and we supply reputable hotels in Asia and in Europe.


    JP Lizot

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