Bubble Tea: The Taiwanese drink hitting America by storm

Bubble Tea: The Taiwanese drink hitting America by storm

By Sally Collins

Enjoy the Refreshing Cool Taste of Bubble Tea

Could bubble tea soon take over from coffee as America's favorite drink? The popularity of bubble tea has rapidly spread across the country, with now more than 100 locations serving it in California alone. Bubble tea is one of Asia’s most popular exports that has really taken the world by storm. You might not immediately think that a drink with unusual floating balls would be so appealing, but bubble tea offers a delicious and refreshing drink. Whatever the time of day it is and even whatever the weather, it’s always the right time to enjoy some bubble tea!

Perfect summer drink

Bubble tea is usually served with milk and sometimes fruit flavors, with a layer of jelly-like bubbles - tapioca balls - that sit at the bottom of the drink. Consumed through an extra thick straw, you'll enjoy a mouthful of tea and chewiness, a drink and snack in one! It’s a playful drink that can be a pick-me-up smoothie or a caffeine fix drink. It’s a great alternative to highly caffeinated iced coffee or heavy ice cream. Bubble Tea is a treat that leaves customers satisfied and refreshed, but not weighed down with richness. And as it’s made with refreshing ice, it’s perfect on a hot summer day, especially as temperatures in California have been known to reach 134 degrees.

Getting the most out of your bubble tea

If it is your first time trying a cup of bubble tea, then avoid any temptation to drink it quickly. Take it slowly, so you can appreciate all the textures and flavors and don’t just end up with a cup of bubbles at the end. It’s best to start off by taking a sip with a few bubbles. It might not taste like anything you’ve had before, but after a few mouthfuls, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. There are a variety to choose from: classic tapioca, agar tapioca, mango agar tapioca, popping boba. If you feel a bit daunted by the choice, then go with the classic. You can always be more daring another time. 

A household name

Already enjoying a massive following around the world and huge followings on the West Coast, bubble tea has the makings of becoming a household name very soon. With over 800 bubble tea shops across the U.S., and more specialist bars popping up all the time, it won't be long before everyone has become hooked on bubble tea. 

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