Enjoy These Great Bean Toppings for Bubble Tea and Snow Ice

Red bean, or adzuki bean is a dark red bean that is high in vitamins. It is a popular topping for both bubble tea and snow ice. There are a few ways on how to prepare the bean. You can simply boil the bean and use it as is or you can turn the bean into a paste. To create the paste you will start by boiling and mashing the beans and then sweetening the paste with sugar or honey. Red Beans are a great healthy topping addition to any dessert. Red beans have a ton of healthy vitamins, minerals and fibers, and is great for anyone watching their cholesterol and diet.

Green beans or mung beans is a widely popular food for many health reasons. Like other beans, it is full of fiber and protein. Boiled until soft, they can accompany any sweet or savory dish. You can eat it by itself, or pair it with it's popular partner, the red bean.

Mix beans work great as a topping or for your drink and is famously popular in Asia as Eight Sweets Beans. This is because the variety of beans creates a medley of flavors that produce different layers of sweetness. Plus, the common health benefits from eating beans include lowering your cholesterol and containing loads of fiber and minerals. 

You can put it in your drink or use it as a topping. Your body with thank you!

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