Holiday Drinks Guide

Holiday Drinks Guide

The holidays are here, are you ready to celebrate with some delicious drinks? Whether tea or coffee, hot or cold, you can almost find everything to fulfill your holiday recipe at Fanale Drinks. Moreover, ideas included! Simple and made fast!


    Drink #1: Frozen Hot Chocolate

    Yield: about 4 servings
    Warmed milk 1 cup (2% or higher)
    Fanale Chocolate powder 4 oz
    Cold milk ½ cup (2% or higher)
    Half and half cream ½ cup
    Fanale Chocolate syrup 1oz
    Chopped ice 4 cups


    1. Mixed 4 oz chocolate powder into 1 cup warmed milk
    2. Pour the chocolate milk, white milk, half and half, chocolate syrup and chopped ice into a blender
    3. Blend on high speed for 20-30 seconds, or until the ice is completely smooth
    4. Pour into glasses
    5. Garnish with chocolate syrup and star shaped marshmallow 


    Drink #2: Gingerbread Latte

    Step 1: prepare the cheese milk foam
    Yield: about 3 servings
    Fanale cheese sea salt creamer 5 oz 
    Whole milk 200 ml
       *this recipe can be adjusted for thicker or lighter flavor 


    1. Pour over 200ml whole milk into a creamer blender
    2. Cover the blender to avoid spill out
    3. Set the blender to creamer mode, and turn it on
    4. Take off the tiny lid of the blender cover
    5. Slowly add Fanale creamer powder into the blender
    6. Wait until the blender stops automatically
    Step 2: prepare the ginger latte
    Yield: 1 serving
    Espresso 2 shots
    Whole milk 200 ml
    Ginger syrup customized
    Gingerbread crumbs a few
    Cheese milk foam 60ml 
    1. Cover a thin layer of ginger syrup on the bottom of a cup 
    2. Cover the ginger syrup by 2 shots of espresso and whole milk 
    3. A thick layer of cheese milk foam on top of the latte
    4. Top off gingerbread crumbs
    5.  Garnish with a sweet little gingerbread cookie


    Drink #3: Strawberry Matcha Latte

    Step #1: prepare strawberry slushy
    Yield: about 2 servings
    Fanale strawberry syrup 6oz
    Chopped ice 1 cup
    1. Mixed the ice and strawberry syrup into a blender 
    2. Blend on high speed until the ice is completely smooth
    3. Ready to serve
    Step #2: matcha base
    Yield: about 2 servings
    Fanale matcha syrup 1.5oz
    Hot water 3oz
    Mix well
    Step #3: Strawberry matcha latte
    Yield: 2 servings
    Pre-made strawberry slushy 
    Pre-made matcha base
    Whole milk
    Chopped ice 1 cup
    1. Customized strawberry slushy on the bottom of a glass
    2. Add chopped ice on the top of the pre-made slushy
    3. Pour over matcha base, leave some room for the milk
    4. Topped off milk
    Product used:
    1. Fanale Chocolate Powder
    2. Fanale Flavoring Syrup
    3. Fanale Sea Salt Creamer







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