How Does Cheese Form Make Your Drinks Special?

How Does Cheese Form Make Your Drinks Special?

Cheese foam is a special on your drinks at the restaurant, and it makes for some great photos. It's not just for coffee anymore; you can put cheese foam on top of any drink and it will be delicious! You can use cheese foam as a topping or you could even eat it straight out of the container. Cheese foam looks complicated, but if you follow our recipe, you'll be creating delicious cheese foam in no time! So when life gives you lemons, add some cheese foam!

Here are some ideas for cheese foam:

  1. Add cheese foam to your morning coffee, hot chocolate, or tea for a new twist on the typical flavor
  2. Create an ice cream float with your favorite flavor of ice cream and top it off with cheese foam for a sweet treat
  3. Make a fruit smoothie and add in some cheese foam for extra protein and calcium
  4. Mix up some wine spritzers by adding either red or white wine, seltzer water, lemon juice, sugar syrup (or honey), and then top them off with cheese foam! 
  5. Make an adult milkshake by blending together vanilla ice cream with milk and caramel sauce - yum! 
  6. If you're feeling adventurous try making macaroni-and-cheese soup topped off with cheese foam as well!

To make the perfect creamy cheese foam, you only need:

  • Fanale cheese flavor Creamer Powder [PWD231]
  • Whole milk 
  • Creamer Blender


Yield: about 3 servings


  • Whole milk 250ml
  • Sea salt creamer powder 5oz

*adjust above recipe for thicker or lighter flavor


  1. Pour over 250ml whole milk into a creamer blender
  2. Cover the blender to avoid spill out
  3. Set the blender to creamer mode, and turn it on
  4. Take off the tiny lid of the blender cover
  5. Slowly add Fanale creamer powder into the blender
  6. Wait until the blender stops automatically (about 2 minutes)


We’ve all seen it happen, that moment when someone orders a drink and then asks for “the foam.” It seems like everyone loves the cheese foam! Have you tried adding this to your menu yet? If not, what are you waiting for? The possibilities are endless with this versatile topping. You can use it on everything from lattes to frappuccinos or even add in some of your own ingredients to make something new. One thing is clear- teenagers love cheese foam! So if you want more young people coming into your coffee shop, try selling them some delicious froth today!

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