How to Make Your Bubble Tea Fun & Healthy!

How to Make Your Bubble Tea Fun & Healthy!

By Sally Collins

Drinking tea is a pastime lots of people enjoy and with so many options as to how you can take your tea, there’s something for everyone. If you’re a tea lover, but feel like trying something different, then why not try Bubble Tea? It’s not just for the teenagers who have helped support the growth of bubble tea shops around the country. The customer’s ability to personalize their bubble tea, means you can create the perfect drink for you! One that tastes great and also contains all the health benefits associated with black tea – provided you opt for the right sweeteners and milk.

Create Good Flavor with Healthier Options

Tea has real benefits and drinking it is a great way to develop better health habits. But, when bubble tea – which gets its name from the bubbles created when it’s shaken to mix the ingredients – came along, there were concerns over the calories that could be created in the drink.

Now though, there is a better understanding of how to flavor your bubble tea in a way that keeps the great taste and element of fun, without consuming too much sugar and too many calories.

Instead of using non-dairy creamers, you can use real, fresh milk as part of the base for your boba, or bubble tea. It’s recommended to switch to a milk that’s lower in calories and higher in protein. As well as lower fat versions of cow’s milk, almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk are three options that can give you additional health benefits from the natural make-up each type has to offer.

With regards to your choice of sweetener, use a little less than you have previously and gradually cut the amount down further. Or, instead of white sugar, opting for unrefined honey could save some calories because you’ll need less honey to get a sweeter taste.

And, while the syrup gives bubble tea its flavor, you can ask for a little less, as it can be quite sweet. Alternatively, you can have some fresh fruit blended and added to your boba.

Create the Perfect, Healthy Boba

By thinking a little more carefully about all the additions to your bubble tea and making a few adjustments, you can take steps to developing healthier habits.

  • Watch the milk.
  • Go low on the sweetener.
  • Reduce the syrup in favour of some blended fresh fruit.
  • Make sure your supplier uses the best quality black tea.

 By combining these elements into creating your bubble tea, we know you’ll enjoy a refreshing drink and reap some health benefits – no matter what our age!

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