Lavender Syrup

Lavender Syrup

Lavender Soda

This is the perfect drink for the summer!

Lavender Soda Recipe:

. 1.5 oz of Fanale Lavender Syrup, 300 ml sparkling water

.  Simply add the Lavender Syrup to sparkling water and stir until completely combined. Then squeeze half of a lemon in it and fill the rest of the cup with ice cubes. Now you can enjoy!

. Products used: •Fanale Lavender Syrup

•Long stirring spoon



Lavender Syrup

Fanale Drinks latest product Lavender Syrup, perfect for both hot and cold drinks! This syrup makes the mixing process simple and fast and requires no additional sweeteners. Our Lavender Syrup is based with golden cane syrup and all-natural sweetener. Get a taste of summer with our lavender syrup! It's great in lemonades and as a flavoring to tea! A little goes a long way with this syrup!


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Fun Facts about Lavender



. In plant symbolism, lavender stands for devotion, serenity, purity and calmness.

. It was first used as a recipe for perfume by the ancient Egyptians.

. It was used as a way to treat insomnia and back pain by the ancient Greeks

. Queen Victoria’s favorite drink was lavender-infused tea, which can help ease her stomach.

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