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Make the Best 4 Purple Rice Drinks for All Seasons

Make the Best 4 Purple Rice Drinks for All Seasons 0

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Make the Best 4 Purple Rice Drinks for All Seasons


Serving 24oz Cup

+ Ingredients:
1 Scoop (~3oz) Purple Rice
80% Cup of Ice
10oz Pre-made Milk Tea base

Coated the Purple Rice around the cup
Add the Ice
Drop in the Milk Tea

Serving 24oz Cup

+ Ingredients:
(For the Smoothie)
2 Scoop (~6oz) Purple Rice
5oz Liquid Creamer
Full Cup of Ice
(For serving)
1 Scoop (~3oz) Purple Rice
Whipping Cream

Use a Blender to mix all the Smoothie Ingredients together
Blend till smooth (~30sec)
Coated the Purple Rice around the cup
Drop in the Smoothie 
Top the Cup with Whipping Cream

Serving 16oz Cup

+ Ingredients:
1 Scoop (~3oz) Purple Rice
80-90% Cup of Ice
5oz of Milk
5oz of Liquid Matcha

Coated the Purple Rice around the cup
Add the Ice
Add the Milk
Use filter while drop in the Matcha to remove the chunks

Serving 10oz Cup

+ Ingredients: 1 Scoop (~3oz) Purple Rice
8oz of Milk

Add Purple to the Cup
Steam the Milk til hot (not burn)
Drop in 1/4 milk, stir with Purple Rice in the Cup
Drop the rest of the Milk


Sweet Purple Glutinous Rice (SKU: CAN012)

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What is Boba? How to Cook it Perfectly?

What is Boba? How to Cook it Perfectly? 0

Originating from Taiwan in the 1980’s, the popularity of Boba has soared since the early days as a beverage inclusion. Nowadays, boba tea is a worldwide phenomenon, but even its most ardent fans may not know much about the chewy black balls at the core of the drink. 
The New Chapter of Boba, Right Here in California

The New Chapter of Boba, Right Here in California 1

According to The New York Times, boba tea or bubble tea “was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, is internationally beloved, with many millions of drinkers worldwide, and an essential part of social life for many Americans”. While boba is highly demanded in America, boba has always been imported from overseas.

Our CEO, David Fan, who has been drinking bubble tea since he was 10, said he hoped boba could one day follow the route of pizza — an immigrant food that, over time, became distinctly American. “That’s why we want to make the whole process transparent,” he said. “People are only afraid of things they don’t know.”

It’s been a long journey for our team to learn the technique of boba-making with months of R&D and testing until we landed. Fanale Drinks and Boba Guys are partnered up and excited to introduce our sister company US Boba Co. and the new factory in Hayward, California.

We would like to express our excitement by sharing today’s article on The New York Times. Thanks for connecting us to the community with a nice introduction of our passions and mission. We are looking forward to maintain this upward momentum with quality products and hard work.

The New York Times: "They've Made Lots of Bubble Tea. Now They'll Make the Pearls Too"

Jelly Toppings for Bubble Tea and Snow Ice Explained 0

What is jelly?

Contrary to popular belief these are not made out of gelatin.  They are actually made from coconut meat, or konjar, a vegetable by product. They have been around for a long time within many Asian desserts and snacks. Recently they have been used as an alternative to tapioca for bubble tea.  


What is Taro, and What Makes It so Popular? 3

Is taro a root or a fruit? Where did it come from, and is it good for me? How do you eat Taro? Read up on its history and nutrition here, plus some delicious recipes!

Taro Bubble Tea, Taro Flavoring Powder, Honey Taro, and Taro Pudding mix available for purchase here at Fanale. (Taro Bubble Milk Tea available at Ice Husky locations!)


Taiwanese Shaved Snow Ice 0

 What is Taiwanese Shaved Snow Ice? And why is it so delicious?

Taiwanese Shaved Snow Ice, also known as snow cream, milk cream, snow fluff and shaved snow ice, has recently become a huge hit in Los Angeles with places like Blockheads, Class 302, and Kuma Snow. Before it became popular in Los Angeles it was popular in Hawai'i, but even before that, it originated sometime in the 1990s from a nightmarket stand in Taipei, Taiwan. Its original name in Chinese, xue hua bing, translates to "snowflake ice" due to its super fine crystal consistency. What makes snow ice so popular however, is its ability to balance the iciness with a creamy, almost gelato-like taste. The creator of Kuma Snow, Tira, said "it’s like eating snow and tasting ice cream".