Taiwanese Top Desserts : Aiyu Pudding

Aiyu pudding/jelly is one of Taiwan's most popular dessert a unique topping for Bubble Tea, Frozen Yogurt and Snow Ice. The jelly is made from a different fig seeds that have been broken down. Aiyu is only found in Taiwan and Eastern Asia. 

Aiyu Process:

1) The seeds are first placed in a cotton cloth bag, then submerged in cold water and rubbed.

2) Wash for a few minutes, until cleaned. 

3) Place in a refrigerator until gel has settled.

Tips: Don't add sugar or else the pudding won't settle correctly. Pairs well with lemon and honey

Story of Orgin: 

According to ancient history, the plant and the jelly were named after the daughter of a Taiwanese tea businessman in the 1800s. The jelling property of the seeds was discovered by the businessman as he drank from a river in Chiayi. He found a clear yellowish jelly in the water he was drinking and was refreshed upon trying it. Looking above the river he noticed fruits on hanging vines. The fruits contained seeds that exuded a sticky gel when rubbed.

Upon this discovery, he gathered some of the fruits and served them at home with honeyed lemon juice or sweetened beverages. Finding the jelly-containing beverage delicious and thirst-quenching, the enterprising businessman delegated the task of selling it to his beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Aiyu. The snack was very well received and became highly popular. So, the businessman eventually named the jelly and the vines after his daughter.

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