Taro Powder

Taro Powder

Originated in Asia, also believed to be one of the earliest cultivated plants, taro has become popular all over the world. As an ingredient, taro powder is the most commonly known way of incorporating taro and its vibrant purple hue into drinks. In the realm of milk tea, the OG beverage has always been the Taro Milk Tea. The eye catching color, and the unique creamy sweetness has made taro one of the world’s most popular flavors. Tag us in your Instagram and Facebook post when you give this recipe a try!!!

Recipe for a perfect cup of taro milk tea:



5000 ml boiling water
Add 1000 ml taro powder
Add 2000 ml Non-dairy creamer
Add 6 grams of sugar 
Add all ingredient to a pitchers, stir it until powder is completely incorporated! Add ice and enjoy!

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