The Rundown on Portafilters

Espresso machines of all types including manual, semi-automatic and commercial use a little thing called a portafilter. The portafilter is the device that successfully brews coffee or tea. Successfully brewing a cup of coffee/tea thru a portafilter consists of hot water running through the grounds and or tea bag, which is extracted to the bottom of the portafilter.

The portafilter has a simple construction with only a few non-mechanical parts, which makes it easier to use and clean. The handle offers a tight grip while fastening and removing from the espresso machine. Also the filter basket which fits neatly inside the interior of the portafilter. The basket consists of many tiny holes on the bottom that acts as a filter that allows the water and the extracted coffee/tea to run freely to the bottom and into your cup.

How to use a Portafilter

  • Ground coffee/tea or full tea bag is placed into the portafilter and filter basket.
  • The coffee grounds are then compressed to the right compression with a tamper or spoon.
  • Fasten the portafilter to the appropriate espresso machine slot.
  • Turn the machine on and select the desired preset. The hot water will come in contact with the grounds and extract the flavors.
  • Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee/tea. 

The portafilter is an absolute must have for anyone serious about making their own coffee and or tea products. From amateur's to professionals alike, the portafilter is the go-to tool for making amazing coffee/tea.

Portafilter Tips:

  • Pre-heat the portafilter before use
  • Don't use more than 1.5 ounces of water at a time
  • Learn how to "temperature surf" to more accurately control the temperature at which the coffee/tea is extracted

Quick Cleaning Tip:  Place the filter over a gas flame, either side, for 5 minutes, tapping it w/ tongs occasionally.

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