Things you should know before trying AGAR

Things you should know before trying AGAR

If you're looking for a fun way to spice up your food, then AGAR is the perfect option. 

But before diving in, there are some things you should know about this trendy plant-based ingredient! 

What is AGAR?

Agar is a jelly-like substance consisting of polysaccharides obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae. It is a natural byproduct of seaweed that has been used in desserts throughout Asia and also as an ingredient for microbiological work.

The uses of AGAR

Agar has been used in many ways, such as a vegetarian substitute for gelatin or an ingredient that thickens soups. It can also be put into fruit jams and jellies to clarify them when brewed with it.

Agar can be taken orally to help with digestion, reduce appetite swings or even act like thyroid medicine when mixed with drinking water; it's also great at clarifying beer brews! Agars are available on their own or combined together into various recipes such as fruit preserves, ice cream substitutes made from soy milk instead of dairy product.

The benefits of using AGAR

Agar-agars are an interesting kind of fiber that can serve many purposes. One way they're used is by people in Asia who want to lose weight, like when the kanten diet was popularized and promoted for its ability to make you feel fuller after eating only small portions without any extra calories or fat content than what's found naturally within food items themselves.

What is AGAR Boba?

AGAR Boba is a slightly more chewy and clear alternative to boba. It's made from plant-derived agar, which makes it best served with bubble tea!

Fanale now offers a variety of different agar boba to choose from -- whether they're looking specifically for healthy ingredients or just want some unique presentation ideas at home.

Fanale Agar Boba Products:

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[TAP005] Brown Sugar Agar Boba

[TAP016] Mango Agar Boba

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