What are the Key Components to Bubble Tea?

What are the key components to bubble tea? 

Bubble tea is a unique drink with different layers of taste. You first start with a powder and syrups for flavoring. Powders contain a non-dairy creamer so when mixed with tea or water and/or ice a creamier slush will be produced.

1) Creamers enhance the quality of your bubble tea drink by giving it a rich and creamy flavor. There are many types of creamers you can use such as powdered non-dairy creamers, half and half and other dairy products like milk. Remember not to use a creamer if you are using syrups to flavor your bubble tea.

2) Sweeteners are used to enhance the flavors in your bubble tea drink. Many people like their bubble tea nice and sweet. We recommend using fructose or other inexpensive sweeteners: white or brown sugar, honey. 

3) The liquid is the main body of the drink that you will add the rest of the components to. Although tea was the original liquid base, the versatility of bubble tea means that milk, fruit juices and different types of brewed tea can now be used to produce it depending on the preference of your creativity or customer. 

4) The main ingredient in any bubble tea drink is the tapioca pearls. Remember to cook your tapioca balls to the perfect consistency or they may end up ruining the drink rather than adding to its unique drinking experience. There are many other popular toppings such as: popping boba, coconut jellies, and fruit jams.  

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