Why do you need the Freser Batch Brewer Machine?

Why do you need the Freser Batch Brewer Machine?

It may sound simple to make some tea, but things get more complicated when you want to scale up from cup to twenty! The key to a good cup of tea is the water to tea leaf ratio, temperature and steeping time.

Each type of tea goes through different process after being harvested, therefore their requirements differ as well. If the water is too hot, it will burn the tea. On the other hand, when it’s too cold, it's hard for the tea to release its aroma and the taste is ruined.

White and green tea leaves are more delicate; the ideal temperature for them is from 170 ~ 185 Fahrenheit degree, and steeps in about 2-5 minutes. Oolong tea is best at 195 F degree and steeps in 3 minutes. Black tea requires higher temperature between 195 – 205 Fahrenheit degree and steeps in 3 minutes for a full brew. Tea and water ratio varies depending on the intention.

In Asian tea culture, it is normal to re-steep tea leaves multiple times. People usually put a handful of tea leaves in a pot and fill up with hot water. They would refill the water into the same tea pot and drink it throughout the day.

The Freser Batch Brewer Machine is designed to steep teas to their ideal flavor but at a larger scale. You can control the water volume, temperature, steeping cycles and steeping time in each cycle and have the presets assigned to each of the 10 keys available on the machine. Tea will not come out until it reaches the required temperature and steeping time that you have set up to make sure it is up to the consistency and quality you desire.


  • Setting Protection: Your settings can be protected using a password.
  • Easy Setting Sharing between Machines: You can pop in an SD card on the back of the machine and have the presets copied to duplicate the settings on different units.
  • Product Flexibility: You can brew whole tea leaves, ground tea or even tea bags.
  • Easy Cleaning: The stainless steel exterior makes it easy to clean up and the self-cleaning mode makes sure the machine is always ready to brew the next batch.

Below is a video tutorial showing you how to use the Freser Batch Brewer Machine.

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