Why Tea is The Next Thing You Should Drink

Why Tea is The Next Thing You Should Drink

Why Tea is the next thing you should drink

Tea has been something that we have enjoyed for centuries. Different blends have been developed to create dramatic taste contrasts. It is now to the point that there is a tea for everyone. Now bring in Milk tea or Bubble tea or Boba Tea, currently one of the most popular ways to enjoy tea. It is a sweet addition to the tea family. Not partial to tea? Well, there are quite a lot of facets to Tea that you are missing out on:

Tea has benefits! Tea is brewing of leaves and making a wonderfully natural way of gaining caffeine, relaxation and a fantastic aroma. This is of course to put it simply as there is a whole process for getting the right tea, as even a difference in process can change the flavor profile. Different Teas have different effects on the body:
Black Tea has caffeine, is an antioxidant, and reduces things like sugar level, blood pressure and Cholesterol.

Green Tea is calming, helps with brain function through the day and is also an antioxidant.

Both have the ability to reduce the risk of cancer, and both are wonderful bases for other teas.

Herbal teas have no caffeine but tend to be in fun fruity flavors and still is an antioxidant.

Now, some people prefer something a little sweeter, enter Milk Tea!

Milk tea with boba gives you your favorite flavor with a boost of honey goodness from the boba and a little milk to smooth everything out. Or simply adding different syrups to your base tea if dairy is not your favorite or your friend.

There is a tea for everyone! Give it a try, it is truly worth a sip… or two.


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