Easy Made Tea Milk Foam

Easy Made Tea Milk Foam

Cafes in Taiwan have been serving Sea Salt drinks for a long time, and it’s been wildly popular. The drinks typically include coffee, milk tea, as well as fruit tea topped with a thick layer of salted, creamy milk foam. The result is a bright balance of flavor, and matches perfectly with cold and hot beverages. There are so many ways to make your own delicious milk foam for your drinks, but to come up with a good recipe is absolutely a long term process. At Fanale, we provide a much easier way for your business - Creamer Powder.

To make the perfect creamy milk foam, you will need:

  • Fanale cheese flavor Creamer Powder
  • Whole milk
  • Creamer Blender


Yield: about 3 servings
  • Whole milk 250ml
  • Sea salt creamer powder / Tea creamer powder vanilla flavor 5oz

*adjust ratio for thicker or lighter flavor


  1. Pour over 250ml whole milk into a creamer blender
  2. Cover the blender to avoid spill out
  3. Set the blender to creamer mode, and turn it on
  4. Take off the tiny lid of the blender cover
  5. Slowly add Fanale creamer powder into the blender
  6. Wait until the blender stops automatically (about 2 minutes)
*250ml whole milk
*Set the blender to creamer mode
*Leave lid half opened to add creamer powder  continually
*Ready to serve within 3 minutes



1. Sea Salt Creamer
2. Tea Creamer Powder - Vanilla Flavor
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