Osmanthus Black Milk Tea Recipe


Osmanthus Black Milk Tea

Bubble Milk Tea Bubble teas are typically of two distinct types: fruit-flavored teas and milk teas. Today we will be discussing how to make bubble milk tea. One of the oldest bubble tea comes from Taiwan black tea with small tapioca pearls, milk and or sweetener and syrup. The drink is served cold.

Here is a simple recipe to make this delicious traditional Taiwan drink.

  1. Prepare tapioca pearls
  2. Prepare one teaspoon in a separate pot of Osmanthus black tea
  3. Add ¼ cup of hydrated tapioca pearls to serving cup
  4. Add ice
  5. Add Osmanthus black tea

Optional: Add sweetener depending on taste preference. Try using coconut milk for a unique flavor.

Health Benefits: Osmanthus black tea  improves complexion and helps rid the body of excess nitric oxide, a compound linked to the formation of cancer, diabetes, and renal disease.

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