Snow Ice Recipe : Mango Pom-Guava

Here at Fanale we have the advanced technology to make snow ice.  Our snow ice is always light and fluffy so it won't give you the slushy brain-freeze, and healthy enough to keep you looking good all year long.

So here's a recipe, inspired by Ice Husky's delicious looking main photograph. We named it the Mango Pom-Guam because of the fruit flavors we're emphasizing, and we wanted to make it rhyme. So here it is:

Mango Snow Ice

Fresh Pomegranate Seeds
Guava Syrup
Condensed Milk

The mango snow ice base should be sweet with the slight tartiness of a just ripened mango. The guava syrup enhances the tropical flavors and when paired with fresh pomegranate seeds, the sweetness rounds into a refreshingly sour kick that lasts just a moment, then melts back into the sweetness of the fruit. We recommend the condensed milk as a follow up bite to the pomegranate to smooth out the tart flavors. If you're a big fan of sour candy, this recipe is good for you!

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