Valentine's Strawberry Kiss Recipe

Valentine's Strawberry Kiss Recipe

Surprise your boba-loving significant other with a Valentine's-themed drink with our new adorable Mango Love Jellies! This delicious strawberry green tea will be sure to charm your Valentine! Now all you need is a bouquet of flowers!


2 cup Ice
1.5 oz Strawberry Syrup
8 g  Ground Green Tea
250 ml Hot Water
1 scoop Mango Heart Jelly
Strawberries, cut into slices


1. Brew Green Tea with hot water (85 °C) 8 minutes.

2. Strain.

3. Pour into Shaker cup. Add Strawberry Syrup and ice. Shake.

4. Pour into glass filled with Mango Heart Jelly and strawberry slices and serve. Don't forget the fat straws!

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