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Lychee Jelly

Lychee Jelly

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Introducing our exquisite Lychee Jelly Topping, a burst of tropical goodness crafted to elevate your beverage experience! This delightful topping features the luscious sweetness of ripe lychees, adding a unique and refreshing flavor to your drinks. Whether drizzled over iced teas, blended into smoothies, or creatively incorporated into cocktails, our Lychee Jelly Topping promises to be the ultimate indulgence for your drink creations. Elevate your sips with the juicy, exotic essence of our one-of-a-kind topping today!

Lychee is a small red fruit commonly found in Asia. It grows in bunches on trees, and is a very popular flavor among many Eastern continents. It tastes refreshing and is a great subtle addition. Lychee flavor pairs well with passionfruit.

This jelly is made from the inside layer of a coconut, with a texture is slightly thicker than gelatin. It has many of the health benefits of the coconut such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. It is a delicious addition in any drink, or put it on top of your dessert!

Net Weight Per Unit

8.8 LB

Units per Case

4 Jars

Gross Weight Per Case

36 LB

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