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Build Your Own Bubble Tea

Build Your Own Bubble Tea

Every tea shop has their own way of making house milk tea. This is a standard recipe for you to play around with and find your perfect recipe to fit the preference of your customers!


Yield: 1 serving, 16 oz cup
Tea 1 powder spoon, about ¾ oz
Sweetener, 1.5 oz (less or more base on preference) 
Creamer 2 powder spoon, about 1.5 oz
Ice, 2 cups
  1. Prepare tea using tea/espresso machine, ¾ oz ground tea leaves 
  2. Add sweetener and creamer into the pre-made tea base
  3. Stir well, and then add about 2 cups of ice and shake well
  4. Prepare desired topping inside of a cup first, pour over pre-made milk tea on top of your toppings
  1. Stir well after adding powder creamer into tea base for better melting result
  2. To maintain aroma of the tea, 10-15 shakes is enough for one drink
  3. Tea espresso machine is only for grounded tea leaves
Black Tea - loose / grounded
 - 1g tea leaves : 30-35 ml 90-100 Celsius hot water
 - 10-12 minutes brewing time 
Green tea - loose / grounded
 - 1g tea leaves : 40-45 ml 80-85 Celsius hot water
 - 6-8 minutes brewing time



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  • Artur Bobinski
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