Mochi Topping for Snow Ice

Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. While often found in a variety of shapes and sizes, our version comes mini, cute, and perfect for topping your snow ice! Surprise your mouth with a variety of textures that both contrast and compliment each other. Your mouth will never be so happy.

The sticky dense mounds of rice are made from mochigome, a sweeter stickier type of rice, which differs from regular steamed rice.

Mochi has nutritious value as well. With this in mind, what exactly can we get from munching on mochi? Folklore, as well as traditional medicine practiced by the Japanese, guarantees that eating mochi can bring warmth to the body and increase its energy. There are also beliefs that the mochi’s sweet taste can provide many benefits to the pancreas, spleen, and stomach. Additionally, mochi can be advised for those who have health problems like anemia, blood-sugar imbalances, and weak intestines.

Not only is mochi believed to increase physical strength, but the well-loved Japanese dish is also easy to digest, making it a favorite for people who don’t have the strength to chew on traditional meals.

Try mochis on your favorite dessert today!

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