What is an Egg Waffle?

What is an Egg Waffle?

What is an egg waffle? You may have smelled these delicious treats when walking by a boba tea shop or a cafe. They have a similar smell to freshly made pancakes, the aroma is absolutely incredible. These treats have a golden, crispy outside with a warm and fluffy inside. It is extremely difficult to walk by a store that is making fresh egg waffles and not stop by to get some. What makes egg waffles so irresistible and where did they come from?

Egg waffles: also called bubble waffles, egg puffs, egglets, puffles originated from Hong Kong in the 1950s. It isn’t clear who was the original inventor of these satisfying treats; however, it is historically believed that shopkeepers in Hong Kong were the pioneers in producing these crispy and fluffy street snacks. The shopkeepers didn’t want the broken or unsold eggs to go to waste; so they mixed the eggs with some milk and flour, and cooked the batter in the now-iconic bubble waffle molds.

While the batter consistency is very similar to a pancake batter; the end results are a completely different experience. While pancakes are relatively flat and round, bubble waffles are much more unique with their many round ‘puffs’ and hexagonal shape. The overall hexagonal shape derives from the waffle mold that is used to cook the treats; this makes the egg waffles impossible to be mistaken for anything else. 

Why are the egg waffles so delicious and coveted? One of the main reasons could be that the ingredients that make up the waffle are extremely simple. While there are a few technical ingredients that have been integrated throughout the years of development with egg waffles; these fluffy puffs usually consist of 3 main ingredients: eggs, milk, and flour. 

Another major reason for the popularity of these treats could be correlated to their customization and variations. There are many different variations of egg waffles that have surfaced throughout history; for example; mochi egg waffles. Mochi bubble waffles still have the popular crispy exterior that everyone loves; however, these amazing puffs have a much chewier texture in the center that resembles the texture of mochi! Combined with having options to customize your waffle with various toppings such as tapioca, jellies, jams, syrups, and even ice cream; the combinations are quite literally endless. These simple treats are enjoyed by enthusiasts, adults, children, and everyone in between. 

You might be wondering why or how egg waffles and boba tea are related. You may see egg puffs being served at a boba tea shop because they pair very well with each other. Boba tea shop owners are sometimes looking to expand their menu with food items and since egg puffs are very popular and simple, these have become almost a staple item at many boba shops. Many of the toppings used for boba tea also work quite well with egg waffles as well. A recently popular customization is to top the egg puffs with sweet brown sugar boba.

If you haven’t tried an egg waffle yet; you are in luck! Here at Fanale Drinks we not only carry the mold/equipment for making egg puffs, but we also carry egg waffle powder as well which simplifies the process of preparing your very own bubble waffle batter. 

Simply add the Fanale egg puff waffle powder, oil or melted butter, sugar, and cold water (does not require dairy such as egg or milk due to the powder) to a bowl and mix until smooth and uniform. Allow the batter to settle before use. Once your waffle mold is heated, spray/brush the mold with oil to prevent the waffle from sticking. Add the waffle batter to the mold and allow the batter to start cooking; halfway through the cooking process, flip the mold so the other side is evenly cooked. Each egg waffle should only take about 2 1/2 - 3 minutes. Open up the mold and check to make sure that the exterior is golden and crispy on both sides. Once the waffle has been fully cooked, remove it from the mold to be served. This is when you can add any preferred toppings or enjoy it plain. Egg waffles are best enjoyed when they are warm right out of the mold. 

If you have any questions or would like some more information on how you can elevate your boba tea shop by introducing egg waffles; please feel free to reach out to us at Fanale Drinks.

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