Assam Black Tea History and Use for Bubble Tea


Assam Black Tea

Assam Black Tea is produced in India. The tea leaf is grown at sea level and is known for it’s strong flavors and bright color. Assam makes a perfect breakfast time tea, that will give you the boost you need. The tea leaf receives its unique flavors; growing in humid temperatures and tropical climate. Assam, India and Southern China are the only two regions worldwide with native tea plants.

Drinking Assam black tea daily will give you the antioxidants you need. Benefits of drinking Assam include: decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and improve blood circulation. Assam tea may help enhance the immune system and lessen the risk for cell damage which in turn may lead to cancer. The other thing it is excellent for is relieving tension and nerves, as well as helping to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits lie in oral health, by strengthening teeth and fighting cavities.

Interesting fact: The state of Assam is the world's largest tea-growing region.

How to cook Assam Black Tea:

  1. Heat the 3,000cc water to 195°F.
  2. Turn the HEAT off, and move the pot away the stove.
  3. Put 100g loose tea in the hot water, and then quickly stir.
  4. Put a lid on the pot, and let tea steep for 10 minutes (For milk tea, please let tea steep for 15 minutes).
  5. Use a colander to strain the tea.
  6. Put 3,000g ice cube into the tea.
  7. Adjust the taste.

Try adding our tasty sweeteners or tapioca to your drink. 

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