How to Make the Best Tapioca Boba in 7 Easy Steps

Ever had boba that was just too chewy or too hard? Maybe soft on the outside but strangely dense on the inside? Well say goodbye to that not-so-yummy-boba! Here is our recipe to making Tapioca Boba with the perfect consistency. Cook it for yourself at home or for your business! Plus, a small twist at the end that will defintely, definitely make you say "Holy Boba".

  1. Measure the amount of tapioca that you'd like to cook. In a separate pot, measure six times the amount of water (ex: 1 cup tapioca = 6 cups water). Please make sure you have enough water or else the boba is likely to stick and burn.
  2. Bring the pot of water to a boil.
  3. Once boiling, put the tapioca in and stir lightly so nothing sticks to the bottom. Similar to cooking pasta .
  4. Boil on High with the lid closed for 23-28 minutes (cooking time vary depending on your stove power). If the pot overflows then you will need a bigger pot.
  5. Once time is up, remove the pot from the stove with the lid still closed. Let the pot sit for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Drain the excess liquid and wash the tapioca in slightly warm water. Drain again.
  7. Put it in a serving pot and you're done!

Boba Tip: For that extra layer of flavor, add your favorite sweetener in the end such as honey or sugar! It's that easy! This will give your boba the subtle sweetness that will give your drink the extra kick.

Contact Us if you have any questions such as cooking in large quantities or buying wholesale. We are a business supplier and offer business support such as Boba School for hands on learning to make milk tea, smoothies, specialty teas and more!


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