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Extra Large Tapioca 2.5mm - Fanale ( 6 bags / case )

Extra Large Tapioca 2.5mm - Fanale ( 6 bags / case )

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Tapioca Boba (aka pearls/bubbles) are a chewy traditional drink addition, that is a characteristic of traditional bubble milk tea. It is sweetened with sugar and honey and can be great in creamy teas, fruit teas and smoothies! (Learn how to cook Boba here

Extra Large Tapioca are just slightly bigger than our Regular Large Tapioca. (2.5cm instead 2.3cm in diameter after cooking) It's just a little bigger, softer and chewier than standard boba. The cooking time needs to be extended for about 10 minutes longer than 2.3cm due to it's size.  

Note: This product is sold by the case. One case contains 6 bags of Tapioca. 

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Net Weight Per Unit (Bag): 6.6 LB

Units per Case: 6 bags

Gross Weight Per Case: 39.6 LB