Collection: Grass Jelly & Pudding

Grass Jelly and Puddings are some of the most popular toppings to put into bubble tea drinks. 

What is Grass Jelly? 

It is a unique Chinese herb that the people used to consume as a medicinal soup for "cooling" the body heat.

Some traditional Chinese believe healthy living depends on balancing the (cool) yin and (hot) yang. It is thought that some activities such as smoking and eating an unhealthy diet causes the body to become "heated". Grass Jelly was served as a way to promote the cooling yin energy. 

As time progressed, people have found new ways to enjoy this tasty jelly. In modern days, grass jelly has made its way into bubble tea shops as a healthy, cooling topping. Cut it up into small cubes and use it just like boba! It is simple to make and easy to store. 

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