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Pure Snow Ice Powder - Fanale

Pure Snow Ice Powder - Fanale

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Fanale Pure Snow Ice powder needs to be used with Fanale Snow Ice Machines to create the most smooth texture without ice crystals. Using a regular commercial freeze will take longer to freeze, therefore giving it a rougher texture. 

Pure Snow ice powder is a base powder to make all kinds of flavored snow ice blocks. Fanale Pure Snow Ice Powder requires the customer to add their own sugar or creamer. Each bag of pure snow ice powder will yield 58-60 x 4.4 Pound blocks which shaves into about 10-12 Servings. We will provide you with the recipe after purchase. 

Some of the popular flavors of snow ice that you can create: Mango, Strawberry, Coffee, Coconut, Taro, Matcha Green Tea, Chocolate, and Original Milk Flavor.

You will need to add sugar, creamer, and flavoring powder of your choice. Please purchase the flavoring syrup and powder separately. 

You can purchase the flavoring powder and syrup right on our website. Click here for flavoring powder, and Click here for flavoring syrup 

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