5 Mistakes to Avoid when You Start a Boba Tea Business

5 Mistakes to Avoid when You Start a Boba Tea Business

With its recent surge in popularity, boba tea joints seem to be popping up all over the place. The milk tea beverage with chewy tapioca balls is fast emerging as a younger generation’s favorite, and demand is constantly growing. If you have been witnessing increased boba tea consumption, you might also want to start a business to cash in on the ever-increasing market.

With all the positive indicators and a marked increase in boba tea demand, establishing a boba tea business might be wise. The beverage is easy to make, only needs a few ingredients, and has a lot of room for innovation.

Therefore, the business makes a lot of logistical sense as well. However, many people jump into the boba tea business without doing much research and commit many basic mistakes. These mistakes can hurt your profit margin, bring your business into disrepute, and even lead to its demise. 

Despite its relative ease in establishing, a boba tea business still demands a lot of focus and care from its owners to thrive. We have compiled a list of five major mistakes you should avoid when starting a boba tea business.

If you avoid falling into the pitfall of these mistakes and dedicate your time to the business, it can soon thrive and become highly profitable.

Why Should You Start a Boba Tea Business?

There are many reasons you should look to establish your own boba tea business. The Taiwanese drink is highly popular in the United States. Therefore, you are ensured a steady supply of customers.

Another major reason you should consider the business is that the drink is quite easy to make and is not labor intensive at all. These two factors make the business a relatively risk-free investment.

The primary reason for starting a boba tea remain business remains that it is ready to become truly known. While it is popular now, it will truly make its mark on the beverage market in the United States in the upcoming years. It is not a passing trend, and the drink’s versatility means it will remain fresh and continue to attract people. Starting a boba tea business now is similar to getting hold of market shares that are about to skyrocket.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start a Boba Tea Business

If you were convinced by the potential of boba and started a business due to its convenience, make sure not to become too complacent. While boba tea businesses can potentially provide significant returns on the capital and labor used, many owners commit a few mistakes that can damage the business badly. Apart from market research, owners should avoid these 5 mistakes when establishing a boba tea business:

1. Skipping the Training Step

While making boba tea is not rocket science, you need trained staff to make the tea that is worth selling to people. If you skip out on training your staff due to cost-cutting, chances are your business will produce drinks that do not taste too good. As a result, you can get disgruntled customers who feel they have wasted money on your product. If this continues for some time, then the word will spread about your subpar boba tea, and you will barely get any business. Do the right thing and train your staff before throwing them out to face the customers. Fanale Drinks provides bubble tea classes to any business that uses its products.

2. Not Paying Attention to Food Safety

Food safety is crucial for any food-related business, and boba tea is no exception. Make sure that you are aware of all the regulations and requirements for food safety and that you are following them correctly. This includes sourcing, storing and handling ingredients properly, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, and properly training your staff on food safety.

3. Not Having Standardized Recipes

When running any food business, your main ideology should be standardization. Any food or drink you serve customers must be consistent in taste and appearance throughout the years. If you serve an amazing boba tea one day but mess it up the next, customers will slowly lose trust in the business. The drink’s taste and texture can only be consistent through standardized recipes. Make standardized recipes for every tea on your menu with precise measurements. Providing them to your staff will also help them perform much better and provide delicious boba tea to your client.

4. Not Evolving with Time

This mistake haunts every business and can lead to its eventual demise right in front of your eyes. A major attraction of boba tea is that it provides an opportunity to innovate. Apart from your standard menu, you need to capture customers’ attention and introduce new flavors and types of boba teas to keep them coming back. Thankfully, there is plenty that you can play around with in Boba. You can introduce new types of teas, such as chamomile or jasmine. Introduce different elements to bring that chewiness apart from tapioca balls, such as aloe vera, agar jelly or even mochi. You can also introduce seasonal flavors to keep things interesting. Constant evolution according to trends and consumer interests will ensure your boba tea business stays relevant and thriving.

5.  Not Diversifying

While boba tea might be your primary product to sell, it is always a good idea to diversify your menu. Keeping coffee, tea, and other drinks on the menu will help increase your customer base and increase foot traffic from customers who are just exploring the menu.

Final Thoughts

A boba tea business can be one of your wisest investment decisions if you run it properly. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above and make Boba your passion for providing quality products to your customers. If you do not want to compromise on quality and make the best boba tea, visit our website to find everything you need for your boba tea business, including USA-made tapioca balls.

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