Top 5 Bubble Milk Tea Toppings

Bubble Milk Tea is growing in popularity here in the states. Bubble Tea is a refreshing drink from Taiwan, made up of many  ingredients such as Tea, Milk, Juice, Assorted Flavorings, Fresh Fruit, and much more. They can be shaken or blended, hot or cold, with our without toppings. Bubble Tea has an immense number of possibilities! 

Adding toppings to Bubble Tea is half the fun. Most people only have their bubble milk tea with only tapioca (pearls). It's time to give some variety to your bubble tea. Adding different toppings to your drink is a great way to explore new flavors and textures. This holiday try something new. We present our top 5 have to try bubble milk tea toppings:



Appearance: Small translucent balls.

Description: These little juice balls are filled with surprising good flavors. It is coated in a clear slightly gummy skin with real fruit juice flavor inside. Throw it in your favorite dessert or drink and enjoy!

Taste: Each popping boba has a unique flavor depending on which one you try. Burst of fruit flavor in every bite. 



Appearance: Comes in a variety of flavors, (rainbow jelly most popular)  small squares with gelatin texture.

Description: They are made from either real coconut meat or low calories substitute such as Konjar - A vegetable by product. High in Fiber and low in calories makes them also a perfect dietary food.

Taste: Depending on the flavor, they all have a slight coconut taste paired with there different fruit flavors. 



Appearance: Small, light and fluffy texture. 

Description: Mochi are small chewy rice cakes that add a great texture to your dessert. Compared to traditional Japanese Mochi, these Korean mochi are slightly bigger as well as lighter and fluffier in texture. It is now one of the most popular topping items, with a variety of flavors to best suit your preference. They are slightly dusted in flour to help remain light and fluffy.

Taste: Subtly sweetness, soft and chewy. 


#4 JAM


Appearance: Contains fruit pieces,  chunky.

Description: Make the perfect smoothies with this smoothie jam. Sweet, blend it for pure flavor or mix it up.

Taste: Taste depends on flavor. Comes in a variety of flavors:  Strawberry, Mango, Honeydew, Passion Fruit, Peach, and Pineapple.




Appearance: Served in gelatin form. 

Description: Aloe vera is an extremely healthy (and helpful) plant product -- it is high in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. It helps with digestion, detoxification, and boosts your immune system. It's great for the skin, helps reduce inflammation and improves joint flexibility. If that's not enough to convince you, how about putting it on your dessert and seeing if you think it's absolutely delicious?

Taste: Slightly sweet and bitter, very healthy jelly topping. 



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