Egg Pudding Powder

Egg Pudding Powder

🍮Everyone must have had egg pudding before either as desert after dinner or…just dinner! However, does anyone know the best way to enjoy egg pudding? Is it putting fruit on top or mix with chocolate sauce? The answer is:

🍮Enjoy it with a cup of Milk Tea!🍮

There is nothing better than a rich and creamy egg pudding with the texture of the smoothest and softest flan in a cup of sweet and iced milk tea! Simply make an iced milk tea and put the egg pudding in then shake it well and enjoy!


Fun Facts about Egg Pudding

  • In the United Kingdom, pudding refers to rich, fairly homogeneous starch desserts such as rice pudding and Christmas pudding or any sweet dish after the main course.
  • The first pudding powder was made by an English chemist named Alfred Bird in the mid-19th century.
  • The word “pudding” came from the French boudin which means “small sausage”. It is also a reference to encased meats used in Medieval European puddings.


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