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About Our Various High Quality Bubble Milk Tea Syrups

Picking out a good bubble milk tea syrup is important for any boba shop. With quality as our focus, Fanale syrups has been providing some of the best syrup to many well-known franchises and shops all across the U.S.

What makes us different from our competition is that our Fanale flavoring bubble tea syrups are made in Taiwan, and consist of up to 25% real fruit juice and fruit pulp. The beverages made using Fanale Syrup will have a more natural flavor. Your customers will even see the fruit purée in their drinks!

The intensity of Fanale syrup is stronger, so by using a little less, you can still achieve the same strength of flavor as other brands. That means selling a few more drinks to happy, returning customers with the same amount of product!

Please purchase a sample kit from us to test out our products. For businesses such as Bubble Milk Tea Shops, Restaurant, Cafés, Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Parlors and other businesses, please call our office for free sample requests. 510-888-1566

Watch our video to see what makes our syrups special.